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TaylorMade 2009 R7 CGB Max Irons 4-9PAS

TaylorMade 2009 R7 CGB Max Irons 4-9PAS


TaylorMade vowed to make the new r7 CGB MAX family of clubs to be the very best game-improvement equipment that money can buy, and the r7 CGB MAX  irons live up to that promise. Definitely a new era in iron performance! The r7 CGB MAX iron incorporates Inverted Core Technology (ICT), a metalwood breakthrough used to expand the size of the COR zone in TaylorMade drivers. ICT changes the way the clubface behaves at impact and increases the size of the zone that delivers high initial ball speed. This makes the r7 CGB MAX more forgiving and easier to launch and promotes "constant distance" - exceptional yardage, shot after shot.


Meanwhile, these TaylorMade 2009 R7 CGB Max Irons look very cutting edge. Given that they are TaylorMade, this is not very surprising. TaylorMade always seems to come up with high tech looking club offerings. From the textured black area on the backside of the clubface, to the black steel shafts…head to toe, these irons will look awesome. The topline of the R7 CGB Max is pretty typical of today’s super game improvement irons. It’s rather thick and a little brighter looking than the more satin look of the Burner XD irons. Again, as with most super game improvement irons, the offset is rather substantial as you get toward the longer irons. You can see the offset in the 7 iron of the R7 CGB Max irons, compared to that of the Burner XD and Callaway X-20. The offset of the TaylorMade clubs appears to be a little less than that of the Callaway X-20s. It’s actually just a visual effect. In the 7 iron, the 2009 R7 CGB Max has 5.7mm of offset. If you have been playing with game improvement irons, this will be nothing new to you. If you have a problem with slicing the ball, or never have been able to hit a draw, the added offset should help you get the ball left, especially in the longer irons.


Product Features:


Enhanced Inverted Cone Technology maximizes the COR zone, delivering the highest ball speed over a larger face area. Experience longer carry and distance on mis-hits.
100% CNC-milled, high strength 455 stainless steel clubface offers the highest allowable COR for maximum ball speed. Experience maximum carry and distance.
Hollow Top-Line frame and wide sole allows 17 grams of mass to be positioned lower and deeper back, away from the face. This delivers the highest launch angle for maximum carry
Largest iron clubhead with four tungsten cartridges positioned heel and toe delivers a high MOI and increases forgiveness on mis-hits.
Hyperlight graphite shaft promotes maximum swing speed for maximum distance.

TaylorMade 2009 R7 CGB Max Irons 4-9PAS


Tips of  TaylorMade 2009 R7 CGB Max Irons:


1.All our clubs are brand new from the original factory, with the same high quality and excellent performance as the ones you could get from your local pro shop and the official website.
2.All our clubs come with standard length and degree. So I’m sorry that we can not do with your special order.
3.4-9PAS means 4,5,6,7,8,9,Pitching Wedge, Approaching Wedge and Sand Wedge.



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  • TaylorMade 2009 R7 CGB Max Irons 4-9PAS
  • TaylorMade 2009 R7 CGB Max Irons 4-9PAS

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