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Ping G15 Fairway Wood+$1 for Golf Towel


Ping G15 Fairway Wood+$1 for Golf Towel


While celebrating the 50th Anniversary, Ping Golf released the G15 fairway wood which has the unenviable position of following the wildly successful and much praised G10 model. Rather than leave "well enough" alone and just slap a new coat of paint on the G10 and call it a day, PING went out and changed things around a bit with the G15. While it's more of an evolutionary change, it still boasts some pretty cool design features that should make you give it strong look.


Design and Technology
Constructed of 17-4 stainless steel, the G15 features an "elongated, low profile" design for additional forgiveness and to make it easier to use on a variety of lies. That larger head gives you more confidence when standing over your next shot.


The sole features an external weight pad which allowed the PING engineers to move the center of gravity low and farther back to give you a higher trajectory and increased that ever so important increased distance. High launch and more distance is quite fine with me.


As far as color combinations go, red and black have seemed to be the rave for the past few years and PING joins in with their offering on the G15. The sole mixes in a nice amount of black, red and silver to make the G15 esthetically pleasing to the eye for the rare instances you are actually looking at the sole.


The "moon-thing" alignment aid that was featured in prior models of PING woods is a thing of the past (though you can still tell it had some influence) and is replaced by some nifty red triangles which work out quite nicely in getting the club lined up with your target line. Easy to use while at the same time not being over gaudy or annoying.


Now, if you add $1, you can get a towel for free.



ping g15 fairway face


ping g15 fairway models





Please note: System will randomly pick one piece of towel and ship with your order. Thanks for your understanding.




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  • Ping G15 Fairway Wood+$1 for Golf Towel
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