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Callaway X-22 Irons +$1 for FJ Cap

Callaway X-22 Irons +$1 for FJ Cap


The goal of Callaway X-Series Irons has always been lofty: Set the performance standard for the industry. The new X-22 Irons are the rare clubs designed for high handicappers that also are PGA Tour-worthy, as evidenced by the fact that they are in Rocco Mediate's bag.


This series of clubs is designed to offer both performance and forgiveness. It has a greater concentration of weighting on the perimeter while maintaining the desired center of gravity. That means that off-center hits will fly farther and straighter, and the trajectory on well-hit balls will be high. It's also the best looking set of irons from a company that has been accused of offering functional but clunky clubs in the past. The Callaway X22 irons have a thinner topline and a narrow sole, elements usually found in irons designed for low handicappers. There's also a polycarbonate tip plug that dampens vibrations at the end of the shaft, taking the sting out of mis-hits.


A little touch that many will appreciate is that the x-22 club is forgiving while still offering feedback. Hit the ball off the toe or the heel and the ball will still fly straight, but it will feel differently to a perfectly-struck ball, making it easier to correct.


 *  Precision Notch Weighting: Precisely positions more weight to the perimeter of the iron to create a higher moment of inertia (MOI) for greater forgiveness and stability while maintaining the center of gravity position that produces ideal trajectories and feel.


* Tour-Inspired Head Shape: Our engineers took elements designed for Tour players, like a thinner top line and narrower sole, and incorporated them into highly forgiving irons with a higher MOI so they can be played by a wide range of golfers.


* Modified Tru-Bore: An advanced version of the original Tru-Bore design, the polycarbonate tip plug at the end of the shaft dampens vibration for enhanced feel and performance.


* VFT Technology: VFT Technology maximizes ball speed and perimeter weighting for more distance and forgiveness; S2H2 increases discretionary weight by removing it from the hosel and repositioning it in the perimeter of the clubhead; 360-Degree Undercut Channel maximizes perimeter weighting by moving the CG lower and farther back in the clubhead, enlarging the hitting area and stabilizing the clubhead for more forgiveness.


Now, if you add $1, you can get a JP cap for free.



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  • Callaway X-22 Irons +$1 for FJ Cap
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